The Emergence

Hidden in shadows, Desperate to be seen, Longing to be heard, Yearning to fill the void That fuels every Fear-soaked thought. So long admiring the spotlight. So long just begging to be loved. So long wishing I was the hero. When will it be my turn? The eyes start to notice. The mouths start to speak. The […]

Immortality Awaits Pre-Order

Hey all! I promise I won’t keep only reposting everything from my Immortality Awaits blog, but things have been way crazy getting this book finalized! With that, I just wanted you all to know, the pre-order page for Immortality Awaits is up! Get your copy now for only $10.22! Available on May 3 on the CreateSpace store, […]

On Self-Publishing

To those of you who have published a book before: How did you not shoot yourself in the final weeks before it released? To those of you who haven’t: Publishing a book is way more stressful than anyone gives authors credit for. I mean. For real. When I started this back in 07, I was one of […]

The Discovery of Lowell, Massachusetts

Originally posted on Immortality Awaits:
If you’ve read my post on the Creation of Immortality Awaits, you’ll know there’s a story behind how I found the quaint, beautiful, perfect, everybody-in-their-life-should-experience-it-at-least-once-in-their-life town of Lowell, Massachusetts. It’s kind of a random, fateful story of events, so I will delve further for those of you wondering — specifically…

A New Venture

Well, The Artist Mindset, it’s been fun. I’m not deleting you, I’m not abandoning you, I’m not forgetting about you…I’m just changing my focus a bit. I’ve started a new blog, now, solely focused on my book, Immortality Awaits. There’s also a Facebook page, and that’s where most of my presence will be. I’ll probably […]

Conquering Fear

I’ve been swirling around in a cyclone of surrealism, overwhelmed and desperate to find a place to rest my longing hands. In five days, I’m going to be entering a town that, for the last six years, has lived in only my dreams. Immortality Awaits is, at the core, a fantasy in a world I created, […]

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

“Come now, don’t be shy…Step into the light.” Oh, the chills… If you haven’t gone to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug yet, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and get to that. One of the most intense and epic movies of the entire Middle-earth movie series Peter Jackson has taken on […]

The Calm Before the Storm

Where did 2013 go? A year ago I was in a completely different house, in a completely different town, just starting out a new job and wondering if the world was really going to end on December 22nd. Or 21st. Or whatever Doomsday was this time. Well, it’s time to kiss 2013 goodbye, telling the […]

Life’s Path

Blurred lines on bleeding walls Seeping with secrets no human can hold. That single, hollow, faint echo calls And leaves me here, alone and cold. Bitter memories dance in hallucination While promises turn to lies. Meaningless words, a harmful incantation, A snake sent to ensure demise. Which way to turn? Which path to take? Which […]