Here, you can find a list of rants I’ve posted to the site. Click around!

Writer Problems

Proper Grammar in the Workplace

What Your Server is Really Thinking

What Your Server is Really Thinking: Parties

Server Problems: Happy Hour and Impatience

Servers, Children, and Ignorant Parenting

The Stupid Question

What Your Barista is Really Thinking

What Your Non-Starbucks Barista is Thinking

Mind the Bubble

9 Things I Miss About the 90’s

Construction From Hell

Out With The Old

Pre-Midlife Crisis

Why Turkeys Are Served on Thanksgiving

Scabies Awareness

Life Without X

Communication is Key

Tall People Problems

‘Tis the Season to Be…A Douchebag, Apparently

5 Reasons Your Retailer Probably Hates You

Things Never to Say During a Breakup

The 2013 Guide to Tipping

Demonic Movies: Know When To Stop

Life Before Facebook

When Did Romantics Become Weird? (A.K.A. Why Dating Sucks)

10 Reasons I Love England (Not really a rant, but it doesn’t necessarily fit under any other category either.)

5 Grammatical Errors That Drive Me Bonkers

6 Reasons I Hate Driving

3 Reasons You Should Go to EDC


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