The Discovery of Lowell, Massachusetts

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Immortality Awaits

If you’ve read my post on the Creation of Immortality Awaits, you’ll know there’s a story behind how I found the quaint, beautiful, perfect, everybody-in-their-life-should-experience-it-at-least-once-in-their-life town of Lowell, Massachusetts. It’s kind of a random, fateful story of events, so I will delve further for those of you wondering — specifically those of you who reside in this fairy tale town.

When I started writing back in 2007, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I, of course, had always wanted to publish a book. As far back as I can remember, the only job I ever truly dreamed of being a part of was something that would let me write. It didn’t matter if it was music. It didn’t matter if it was movies. TV. Novels. News stories. Just give me that pen and paper and let me come up with something to put on a…

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