The Emergence

Hidden in shadows, Desperate to be seen, Longing to be heard, Yearning to fill the void That fuels every Fear-soaked thought. So long admiring the spotlight. So long just begging to be loved. So long wishing I was the hero. When will it be my turn? The eyes start to notice. The mouths start to speak. The […]

Life’s Path

Blurred lines on bleeding walls Seeping with secrets no human can hold. That single, hollow, faint echo calls And leaves me here, alone and cold. Bitter memories dance in hallucination While promises turn to lies. Meaningless words, a harmful incantation, A snake sent to ensure demise. Which way to turn? Which path to take? Which […]

The Unknown

The eventual is an enigma, An inquisition common in our minds. What will come to pass is dark, forsaken In the eyes of man. Crystal glasses filled With silver smoke satisfy some souls with A false hope, but no one can ever change The fated, inescapable future. A mockery of evanescent light Turns our minds […]