The Discovery of Lowell, Massachusetts

Originally posted on Immortality Awaits:
If you’ve read my post on the Creation of Immortality Awaits, you’ll know there’s a story behind how I found the quaint, beautiful, perfect, everybody-in-their-life-should-experience-it-at-least-once-in-their-life town of Lowell, Massachusetts. It’s kind of a random, fateful story of events, so I will delve further for those of you wondering — specifically…

A New Venture

Well, The Artist Mindset, it’s been fun. I’m not deleting you, I’m not abandoning you, I’m not forgetting about you…I’m just changing my focus a bit. I’ve started a new blog, now, solely focused on my book, Immortality Awaits. There’s also a Facebook page, and that’s where most of my presence will be. I’ll probably […]

Recent Issues

I hate self hosting. That’s all I’m going to say. I’ve come back to hosting because and I did not agree. If I understand correctly, none of my followers have seen anything I’ve done since I moved. If that’s the truth, I invite you back! Because I miss you all. I could be […]