Conquering Fear

I’ve been swirling around in a cyclone of surrealism, overwhelmed and desperate to find a place to rest my longing hands. In five days, I’m going to be entering a town that, for the last six years, has lived in only my dreams. Immortality Awaits is, at the core, a fantasy in a world I created, […]

The Calm Before the Storm

Where did 2013 go? A year ago I was in a completely different house, in a completely different town, just starting out a new job and wondering if the world was really going to end on December 22nd. Or 21st. Or whatever Doomsday was this time. Well, it’s time to kiss 2013 goodbye, telling the […]

Cover Options

So my friend has been designing some covers, and I’m having a hard time deciding on some! It’s kind of crazy to be put in this position right now. When I started writing this book six years ago, the last thing I thought I would ever have to worry about was deciding on a cover […]

Working Cover and Synopsis

I’m close…I’m close…I’m oh so very very very close to finishing this (hopefully final) draft of my novel, Immortality Awaits. Here’s a little breakdown on the writing process, for those of you who have asked me (A.K.A., my bffs and my parents.) I started writing it in the end of July/beginning of August in 2007. […]

The Condemning Dream

I’ve been having an issue coming up with something to write about because I’ve been editing my book, and apparently my brain likes to only focus on one writing topic at a time. I’ve excerpted a bit here and here, but I haven’t gotten too into actually posting anything from it because I’ve been too […]

Deep POV

I like to read books on writing. As a writer, who doesn’t? Developing your craft, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses and making your writing as — well — read-worthy as possible. Currently, I’m not going to lie to you — I’m reading a book called A Writer’s Guide to Harry Potter. It sounds stupid […]