Cover Options

So my friend has been designing some covers, and I’m having a hard time deciding on some! It’s kind of crazy to be put in this position right now. When I started writing this book six years ago, the last thing I thought I would ever have to worry about was deciding on a cover […]


Much like what I was saying last week about loving your own work before anyone else does, another underestimated task of writing your novel is just that — writing it. We, as human beings, have a natural tendency to be our own worst critics. When you’re a writer (and I’ll assume any form of artistry would […]

On Writer’s Block and Loving Your Work

This post is exciting to me for a couple of reasons. It’s my 100th post. I’m coming off of a month-long dose of writer’s block. I’m celebrating 11 months on the blogosphere. Holy wow! I never thought I would be 100 posts deep. Generally, any time I’ve made an attempt to write a blog or […]

Omnipresent Forces: The Beginning

I’ve blogged about this before a few times, but when I first started blogging back in August, I had a story called “The Adventures of Jensen Carpenter.” It was a weekly journal chronicling the Apocalypse. I hand-wrote everything, and shot through it pretty quick as I had to have it done every week. I’m not […]

Communication is Key

When it comes to any kind of friendship, relationship, acquaintance, anything of the sort where you are not the only person involved in a conversation/event/situation, learning how to build good communication skills is key. I understand this is a relatively cliche idea, but allow me to share some tips with you on effective communication that […]

Deep POV

I like to read books on writing. As a writer, who doesn’t? Developing your craft, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses and making your writing as — well — read-worthy as possible. Currently, I’m not going to lie to you — I’m reading a book called A Writer’s Guide to Harry Potter. It sounds stupid […]

My Journey Into Fangorn Forest

Sometimes, you need to envision an imaginary world in which you love to escape the reality of a world in which you hate. The weeping willows surrounded us as we ventured further into the forest’s depths, the world growing farther behind us with each passing step. The sounds of cars passing by grew distant as […]

Demonic Movies: Know When to Stop

Warning: This post may contain graphic nature not suitable for minors. Muahahaha I’ve always wanted to write something like that. Really, though, some of this content might be kind of freaky (based on the title, are you surprised? No?) When I was a kid, I used to enjoy horror movies. A lot. The thrill of […]

You Have No Right

  You have no right To be mad at me for being different, When the walls of segregation are Crumbling down from the past, The screams of souls long forgotten still Haunting America’s dreams as you try To put down those who you deem “Not worthy.” You have no right To come at me with […]

The Unknown

The eventual is an enigma, An inquisition common in our minds. What will come to pass is dark, forsaken In the eyes of man. Crystal glasses filled With silver smoke satisfy some souls with A false hope, but no one can ever change The fated, inescapable future. A mockery of evanescent light Turns our minds […]