10 Reasons I Love England

England is one of my favorite countries. I’m proud to be an American, don’t get me wrong, but here are 10 reasons I love England — spawning from watching the British version of Jersey Shore called “Geordie Shore”

1. England brought us Lord of the Rings

2. England brought us Narnia

3. England brought us Harry Potter

4. England brought us The Beatles.

5. England brought us Adele.

6. If you’re a Skillet fan, England brought us Jen, their drummer.

7. England brought us Emma Watson.

8. England brought us Kit Harrington, who plays John Snow in Game of Thrones

9. England brought us Keira Knightley.

10. England brought us Jim Sturgess, who plays Jude in Across the Universe.

If I didn’t live in America, I would move to England. Or New Zealand. But apart from the beautiful scenery (providing us nice visuals in such movies like Lord of the Rings), I don’t have 10 reasons that I love New Zealand. =)



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