3 Reasons You Should Go To EDC

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend EDC (Electronic Daisy Carnival.) What is that, you ask? It’s a rave. For three days. Sunset to sunrise. I went to the one in Vegas, which was probably better than the one they just had in Orlando, but I didn’t get to go to that one so my opinion may be skewed.

Fellow friends and followers, allow me to tell you something: It was the greatest experience I have ever had. In my entire life. I’ve never felt so free. I was so happy there. Nothing in the world mattered! And I didn’t even do drugs! (You can choose to not believe me, but legitimately you can ask anyone I went with. I was like the energizer bunny off of my own adrenaline.)

They’ve just started selling tickets for next year’s event, so I decided to give people some encouragement in going. So. Be encouraged. Here are three reasons I think you should consider going to EDC.

#3. The Music

I don’t like rave music, you may be saying to yourself. Well, when there are 350,000 other people there who disagree with you, you’ll learn to love it. I feel like the thing with dance music is you have to experience it before you really like it. EDC was my first rave. (That’s crazy, right? If you’ve been to a rave before you know.) I liked the music, sure, I just went for the fun and the friends and the experience.


Something about being in an arena and feeling the base go through you is epic. It’s beautiful.

#2. The Dancing

I don’t dance, or move, or do anything at a concert, you say.


There’s no possible way you can sit still or not get down at EDC. No possible way. Unless you’re throwing up. Because that happened.

I lost 5 pounds that weekend from dancing. My nickname that weekend was “Let’s Rage.” Because that’s all I kept saying. Like I said, energizer bunny. Going and going and going.

And when you’re going and going and going with 350K people, you keep going. Because you don’t worry if you look stupid, because you look stupider if you just stay still than if you get nuts. (And let’s be honest, some of the costumes are intense and there’s no way you can look stupid next to them. They should have their own bullet point, but I feel like only pictures can capture them. No words.)

#1. The Show

I’m pretty sure the following video will sum up everything I’ve said thus far.


Seriously, how cool is this stage?

On Fire.

It was the greatest thing I’ve seen in my life.

On the last night the skydivers came down over the fireworks. (The fireworks shows are also spectacular.)

Who doesn’t love pyro?!

They had a large tower that you could control the fire to the beat of the music. It was amazing.

Not to mention the awesome stages they had. There’s something like 5 or 6 different stages you can go with all different types of music. But the way they build the stages and present the show…it’s breathtaking.

So there you have it. A short post, I know, but just some things to consider. I’ll be there! Raging my face off. Hope you’ll come join!

If you’re still not convinced, here’s the trailer for 2013:




2 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Should Go To EDC

  1. You make me sick. It’s not “a rave.”
    By you saying EDC was your first rave, that just shows you what you go there to do – drugs. You think this is an event that replaces raves?
    What your article tells me is you know nothing about the fucking DJs, you never appreciated the music, and you sound like you most likely fist pumped your way through the whole thing. You went there cos someone twisted your arms, you saw some skanks in their costumes, did drugs and that’s what you love about it. Sick

    • That is 100% inaccurate. I actually didn’t do a single drug when I went, thank you, and I’m very proud of that. I know plenty about the “fucking” djs and I know plenty about the music. This is a rave. Your opinion on that doesn’t change what it is. Thank you for spreading your negativity, but I think that will do for your comments. Please dont make assumptions thanks.


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