Why Turkeys Are Served on Thanksgiving

Have you ever actually heard a turkey gobble? Have you ever heard two turkeys fight? Did you know turkeys can fly? These are questions I thought I would never really have to worry about. It seemed logical that a gobble would sound just like a human makes it sound. It seemed reasonable that two male turkeys would […]

Server Problems: Happy Hour and Impatience

My first collaboration piece! I’m pretty excited about this. This is written with Jeff from Content Unrelated, so be sure you check out some of his funny stuff! It’s a bit different from the ones I’ve posted so far — more of a storyline and less of the conversation. The post-customer interaction where the majority […]

Writer Problems

I’ve come to the conclusion (specifically after writing things like What Your Server is Really Thinking, What Your Barista is Really Thinking, and The 2013 Guide to Tipping) that if you don’t work a job/career, there’s no possible way you will understand what the other person is going through. I can sit here and bitch […]