Construction From Hell

I was unaware “painting” was such a loud event. We received a letter from our landlords a few weeks ago about how they were going to start re-painting the outsides of everyone’s houses. They’re starting, however, with the rain gutters. About two weeks ago, I got a nice, bright, early wake-up call (I’d say around […]

What Your Non-Starbucks Barista is Thinking

Couldn’t do a server post this week, and I realized I only had one barista one. People seemed to like it, so here’s another one. 🙂 —————– Everyone knows that one of the most aggravating customer service jobs is in the coffee industry. So many people crawl out of bed, cranky to the point of […]

The Stupid Question

This is the second collaboration piece done with Jeff over at Content Unrelated. Woop woop! Be sure you go and read his blog, he’s so funny — and last week some of the best comments of the post came from the part he wrote. Just saying. Also, if you’re any kind of industry worker and […]

Mind the Bubble

There are few things I hate about the public in general. The most aggravating one, of course, is people being in my bubble. Sometimes it has to happen, I get it — but especially with super scary things like scabies in the world, I’m not trying to rub up on everyone that passes and I […]

Life Without X

Under yesterday’s Daily Prompt (which, yes, I’m just getting to now), the post was about choosing one letter from the English language and not using it. Well, I decided we could all live without an “x” (if you know what I mean) so perhaps I will prove how useless the letter (and the person) are. […]

Tall People Problems

It’s time to let the world know what it’s like to be a giant. It’s awful. I don’t understand why everyone is always fawning over tall people. Girls, take note of this (especially you…erm…frisky ones) — tall men are not valid substitutions for stripper poles. Friction burns. Anyway. I feel like a lot of people […]

The 2013 Guide to Tipping

This is a topic I’m tired of people not understanding. Tipping is an important aspect of the restaurant business, and helps it function better. People don’t seem to understand that. Not too long ago, I got into an argument with my grandma about the importance of tipping. She told me I didn’t work for tips, […]

Demonic Movies: Know When to Stop

Warning: This post may contain graphic nature not suitable for minors. Muahahaha I’ve always wanted to write something like that. Really, though, some of this content might be kind of freaky (based on the title, are you surprised? No?) When I was a kid, I used to enjoy horror movies. A lot. The thrill of […]

Things Never to Say During a Breakup

I don’t understand why breakups have to hurt so much. Love is supposed to be forever. I don’t understand why people let themselves fall so deeply for someone, only to end up getting hurt in the end. I have had a lot of discussion with friends, and have been through some situations myself, and I […]