Proper Grammar In The Workplace

Now, more than ever, I’m convinced this country needs to spend more time on education. Namely, education based on our native language. I can’t help feeling like this friends, family, readers, anyone who comes across this post — if you use improper grammar (typos don’t count, sometimes mistakes happen), I find you illiterate. And if […]

The Top 5 Reasons 2012 Changed Me

I’ve participated in The Daily Post before, but the Weekly Writing Challenges have always intimidated me. It just so happens, however, that this week the challenge is something I was already planning on doing: Wrapping It Up. Here are the top five things that have changed me this year. Some may make you laugh, some […]

6 Reasons I Hate Driving

Dear Mom and Dad, I’m sorry I ever asked you to let me drive. Don’t let it get to your head, though. I haven’t quite come to terms with you being right about everything. Not just yet. When my doctor tells me I have stress I need to work on, part of it comes from […]