The Dark Side of the Dolla

If you follow me at all, you know I’ve done a couple of collaboration pieces with Jeff from Content Unrelated (namely The Stupid Question and Server Problems: Happy Hour and Impatience). He’s super funny, and we decided to switch some guest posts again! So here’s a nice little post from him, and if you think […]


Much like what I was saying last week about loving your own work before anyone else does, another underestimated task of writing your novel is just that — writing it. We, as human beings, have a natural tendency to be our own worst critics. When you’re a writer (and I’ll assume any form of artistry would […]

On Writer’s Block and Loving Your Work

This post is exciting to me for a couple of reasons. It’s my 100th post. I’m coming off of a month-long dose of writer’s block. I’m celebrating 11 months on the blogosphere. Holy wow! I never thought I would be 100 posts deep. Generally, any time I’ve made an attempt to write a blog or […]

Construction From Hell

I was unaware “painting” was such a loud event. We received a letter from our landlords a few weeks ago about how they were going to start re-painting the outsides of everyone’s houses. They’re starting, however, with the rain gutters. About two weeks ago, I got a nice, bright, early wake-up call (I’d say around […]

9 Things I Miss About the 90’s

I was watching Goosebumps on Netflix the other day (after having a really intense seizure of excitement because I had forgotten about Goosebumps), and it got me to thinking about how much I miss the 90’s. Honestly, in all of history, I feel like the 90’s was the best decade ever. Partially because I grew up in […]

Why Turkeys Are Served on Thanksgiving

Have you ever actually heard a turkey gobble? Have you ever heard two turkeys fight? Did you know turkeys can fly? These are questions I thought I would never really have to worry about. It seemed logical that a gobble would sound just like a human makes it sound. It seemed reasonable that two male turkeys would […]

Servers, Children, and Ignorant Parenting

Children. What a breath of fresh air. A perfect carbon copy of the parents. Cute, cuddly, smiley. Playful, inquisitive, pristine. Or the worst STD known to man. When parents bring their children to restaurants, it’s like imposing the flu onto someone else. It was your problem first, why do you make me deal with it? […]

What Your Non-Starbucks Barista is Thinking

Couldn’t do a server post this week, and I realized I only had one barista one. People seemed to like it, so here’s another one. 🙂 —————– Everyone knows that one of the most aggravating customer service jobs is in the coffee industry. So many people crawl out of bed, cranky to the point of […]

The Stupid Question

This is the second collaboration piece done with Jeff over at Content Unrelated. Woop woop! Be sure you go and read his blog, he’s so funny — and last week some of the best comments of the post came from the part he wrote. Just saying. Also, if you’re any kind of industry worker and […]