What Your Non-Starbucks Barista is Thinking

Couldn’t do a server post this week, and I realized I only had one barista one. People seemed to like it, so here’s another one. 🙂 —————– Everyone knows that one of the most aggravating customer service jobs is in the coffee industry. So many people crawl out of bed, cranky to the point of […]

Server Problems: Happy Hour and Impatience

My first collaboration piece! I’m pretty excited about this. This is written with Jeff from Content Unrelated, so be sure you check out some of his funny stuff! It’s a bit different from the ones I’ve posted so far — more of a storyline and less of the conversation. The post-customer interaction where the majority […]

What Your Server Is Really Thinking: Parties

I had originally intended on doing one for Mother’s Day, but a) my Mother’s Day wasn’t that bad and b) it would have just turned into a rant instead of a conversation the way these have been going. People have seemed to enjoy them so far, so I decided to do one on parties in general. […]

What Your Barista is Really Thinking

I had some pretty positive feedback from last week’s What Your Server is Really Thinking, and I was discussing being a barista with one Karen Gadient, so I decided to post one that I had written on what your barista is really thinking. If this one goes well, I may turn this into a weekly thing […]

What Your Server is Really Thinking

I came across something I had written back in my Chili’s days, and I feel like it’s something that still applies to my daily life, so here it is folks. ———– Everyone has eaten at a restaurant at least once in their entire life. You know the drill — enter the doors, get seated by […]