Foam Rollers and Water Pillows

Hello, fellow bloggers!

I have taken a small break from the blogging world…mostly because I sprained my neck and I can’t sit for more than 15 minutes at a time and the writing time I get I spend on my book. (Which I finished!!!)

Anyway, I’m doing a bit of a different blog post today, mostly due to some of the things I have discovered whilst being bedridden.

First, the foam roller.

The Foam RollerI’m swearing by these things for the rest of my life. Seriously.

If you’re a writer, or you have any job or hobby that requires you to sit for long periods of time, get yourself one of these. It looks really simple, and quite frankly you’re going to look and feel absolutely ridiculous on one of these things, but after you spend 5-10 minutes stretching on it, it’s going to be an intense sense of euphoria when you’re done.

The one I have and the one pictured above is the half cylinder, but there’s a ridiculous amount of options. (Amazon has quite a selection.) Here’s a video with some stretches; see if anything looks beneficial:

Next, and most importantly, the water pillow.

Remember water beds? A thing of the past, if I do say so myself. I haven’t seen one of those in forever.

Cue the water pillow.

Water Pillow

Layered with memory foam outside of a bag you fill depending on your level of soft-firm preferences, this pillow is like living on a hammock in a cloud. It molds into your head to cradle it for the perfect amount of support (made better by the fact you control it), and you will never have a better sleep.

The one I have can be found at, but there are other options out and about (of course, on Amazon mostly ;)).

Anyway, this is a short post, but if you have any neck or back pain at all, ever, I highly highly recommend getting these to help. Writers (and sitters, in general) have a subconscious way of hunching and condensing while we sit, and these help the body stay relaxed and stretched out.

Good luck!


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