Working Cover and Synopsis

I’m close…I’m close…I’m oh so very very very close to finishing this (hopefully final) draft of my novel, Immortality Awaits.

Here’s a little breakdown on the writing process, for those of you who have asked me (A.K.A., my bffs and my parents.)

I started writing it in the end of July/beginning of August in 2007. (2007! That was sooooo long ago!) I had just turned 18, and I was getting all ready to get up and move myself off to college, and for some reason I decided to write a book. Well, no. Not “for some reason.” I had been trying (or “have,” I guess I’m still “trying” technically) to write a book since I was 8. I remember my first villain, Lord Faramiount. That’s all I remember, because I was 8. I wanted to be the first 8-year-old who had a published book. 16 years later, it’s safe to say that’s a relatively unattainable goal. For me, anyway. Although I did run into my second grade teacher not that long ago, and she told me I was the only second grader she ever had who understood what a paragraph was the first time she explained it. Still warms my heart to think of that.

As a partial side note, but it actually has something to do with the story, I really enjoy fanfiction. I have ever since I was 10 and it was created. I do think it’s a really good outlet for beginning writers, because it helps them focus solely on plot. Character and setting development are totally difficult, but if a writer at least understands the general formation of plot, they can always go back and enhance the characters and settings. So, this book started out as a fanficition.  I’ll admit it. But hey, so did 50 Shades of Gray and mine…is nowhere near that graphic. It was a Harry Potter fanfic, and if I’m being honest I still quite like it. (Because yes, I still have copy.)

I was browsing through all these fanfictions and I came across one that was 296,000 words and the author had been working on it for four years. Four years! 296,000 words! I thought to myself, “If you’re going to spend that much time writing something, why don’t you just write your own book?”

Cue to close out the browser. Cue to open up my fanfiction. Cue me staring at it and saying, “I like this. This is going to be mine.”

And BAM!

It took me about a year and a half to write the first draft. Then I rewrote it a couple of times, sent it off to an editor, and knew without a question this was what I wanted to do. I also knew, though, that it was lacking something. Which, just to get it over with now, was experience. When people say you need to write what you know and all of that, they’re not lying to you new authors! If you’re writing a fantasy book then no, you can’t “know” what it’s like to live in a different world. But you can sure has hell fictionalize your real life experiences and make them into fantasy. I’m just saying.

So I had to fall in love to make my character’s relationships more believable. I had to fight a couple of battles on my own to understand the battles my characters had to go through. I had to go through life to realize my characters needed development, drive, purpose. They needed to be relatable. They needed to be real. I was so scared that everyone was going to think I was crazy for talking to my characters. Well, they do. But who cares! Because when my friends who think I’m whack read what I write, they say it all makes sense. (It’s so nice to have friends to lie, right?)

And now, here I am. I bought myself a proof of my book after I did NaNoWriMo, I read through it a few times alongside the one I had edited, and I sat down and have been re-typing and re-writing the entire novel for all of 2013. That might not seem like much, but when I say re-typing and re-writing I mean in the last 8 months I have written 151,000 words. And that’s nothing to be shy about.

I’m coming to the end (which I’m still working through, but oh well!) and the time has come for me to start querying agents and seeking representation. And, at last, I have come to the point of this post: My current cover and my synopsis. Take a look and have a read, if you’d like. Thanks for all the support, friends and family!

Immortality Awaits


After being plagued by dreams sent to him from the mysterious sorceress Isabelle, Donovan Carter must convince his girlfriend Kaylee, roommate Logan, and roommate’s girlfriend Gabrielle to accompany him into a world they never knew existed. Their ultimate goal is to uncover the legendary Objects of Inwit: powers bearing the elements of the world (fire, water, earth, and air), discovered by Isabelle alongside a few of her own friends immediately following the Salem Witch Trials.

However, in the parallel world Ianaro, the vengeful Lord Matobian leads his own apprentices, Druin, Navidia, Inebrin, and Alvara to find the Objects for themselves. Intrigued by the invincibility the powers promise, the opposing group wishes to merge our world with theirs, in an attempt to gain ultimate domination.

Each Object comes with four parts — the strength and knowledge of fighting (hand-to-hand and weaponry), the full effects of the power (which must consume you fully before you can use it), a challenge sent to each group, and a clue revealing the next Object once the challenge has been defeated. The subsequent Objects will not be revealed until both sides have defeated the challenge, causing the enemies to find a common ground and work enough with each other to find what they each seek.

Each book covers an overall theme, and this first one deals with sacrifice. Donovan and Druin must choose something of high import to them to sacrifice. While Donovan struggles with the decision and ultimately results to violence, Druin makes it hastily and causes a rift in his group before he finally sacrifices the thing that means the most to him: his hatred.

While Donovan struggles with his power of fire taking control of his thoughts, he must learn how to control his rage and keep his friends and allies close to him, even though he must choose one of them as an offering. Druin has been angry since his birth, and the fire only fuels the rage he has toward the general world. They must come together to set their differences aside in order to fight a war, both with and against each other.


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