9 Things I Miss About the 90’s

I was watching Goosebumps on Netflix the other day (after having a really intense seizure of excitement because I had forgotten about Goosebumps), and it got me to thinking about how much I miss the 90’s. Honestly, in all of history, I feel like the 90’s was the best decade ever. Partially because I grew up in it so I’m biased, but still — it seemed like the 90’s was the last time we were all united. Kids were still playing outside, instead of stuck inside playing shoot-em-up video games, TV shows were still engaging (do Sesame Street and Barney still exist anymore?), and it just seemed like all sorts of stuff was right. In a moment of nostalgia, I started thinking about all the things I loved and missed about 90s entertainment. Some of these, obviously, crossed into the 2000s, but I’m all about origination. These are also in no particular order, just how I decided to remember them.


I want to be a tiger. I'm just saying.

I want to be a tiger. I’m just saying.

Does anyone remember these? When they were first published, all of my friends and I were obsessed. I used to hold my hand on my dog to see if I’d be able to acquire her DNA so I could morph. Seriously, who would not want the power to acquire any DNA of any living being and turn into it? Even to fight the world against an angry alien force trying to take over it. I may take the more “Run and hide” approach, but you never know. This storyline inspired me to be a writer, originally. Whenever I wrote my characters for my book, I was told that they needed more convincing to be able to accept the fight. I respectfully disagreed, but I did it anyway. In this storyline, only one person didn’t agree to begin with. Some people are born leaders, born to save the world, and somewhere deep in their gut they know they’re being called to do something, and when it happens, it feels right. That’s all I’m saying.

I think that they need to re-release all 67 of these books, because they released the first 6 again, but I can’t complete my set without the rest. Duh. Also, when they re-publish them they need to keep the morphing on the pages because that was the best part!

Harry Potter

I still say the second one is my favorite, but I feel like I'm alone.

I still say the second one is my favorite, but I feel like I’m alone.

OK, this is obvious. Harry Potter changed the world. Plain and simple. I don’t care who says what. I remember when these books first came out, though, and I kind of miss the initial shock of all of them. I had to sneak behind my parent’s backs to read them, and I miss the light-heartedness of the first few books. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline has to go the way it goes or else it wouldn’t be what it was — but I miss when there’s just something funky going on in the castle and a bunch of little kids get themselves into too much trouble to figure it out. I believe J.K. Rowling opened doors for people left and right. Encouraging people to be who they are, to (again) own up to their destiny, she inspired people to expand their imaginations — the world would definitely not be the same place if Harry Potter had never come into it.

I will admit, my eleventh birthday was the worst birthday I’ve ever had. Don’t act like I’m the only one who sat by my fireplace and waited for my letter to Hogwarts. The most important thing about that birthday, though, was it was the one I knew for sure I wanted to be a writer. Because if I couldn’t find a destiny that would require me to be a hero, I would create someone who could, so I could live vicariously through them. And here I am.

Rocket Power

I was most like the fat kid. Except I wasn't fat.

I was most like the fat kid. Except I wasn’t fat.

Otto was my hero. I wanted to be just like him when — well, not when I grew up because we were the same age. But he was such — a badass. This was a cusper between the 90s and the 00s, but still — it’s the origination that counts, remember? I just wish they could make shows like this still, because it was fun for everyone. It wasn’t all about death and war and killing everybody. Lighthearted fun. Let’s go surfing real quick. After that let’s hit a skate park. Everybody just chill out and have a good time.

We should all take lessons. Maybe submerge ourselves in the 90s again…I mean, the ones who grew up in the 90s were like…the babies of the babies of the hippies. Or the babies of the hippies. Some product of hippy. And the people running the 90s (aka, the adults), were the former hippies. Maybe we should all just go back to being hippies. They seemed happy, that’s all I’m saying.


I've always wanted to squeeze the milk bottle like that.

I’ve always wanted to squeeze the milk bottle like that.

Tell me you don’t miss this show. I won’t believe you. Anybody and everybody loved Rugrats. Tommy Pickles, Chuckie, Phil and Lil — the whole crew was just a bucket of awesome. Rugrats became the reason I ended up watching TV. I was suuuuuchhh a book nerd in elementary and middle school. Sometimes I wish I still read as much as I did back then, because I could read a book in about a day or two. And I wasn’t reading picture books. I was on chapter books by the first grade. I didn’t mess around when it came to reading.

And then I discovered Rugrats.

And it was like…all the excitement that I got from reading was put onto the TV. Obviously, I’d seen TV shows and movies before…but movies you only watch once or twice…TV shows you get to watch every week.

Also remember I was…oh…six, seven, maybe eight when I got addicted to Rugrats? I think it’s pretty fair. But no shame, and no lies — I still watch it on Netflix.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So 90s...

So 90s…

Television would not be where it is today without Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This show pushed the boundaries of television. Joss Whedon is a genius. One of the few people in this world I would probably forget English for if I ever met. His amount of genius is just — it’s inescapable. The 90s was full of Buffy, too. From the B-movie (which…which…isn’t that bad, but…in comparison…) to the television show, the 90s was graced with a beautiful blond cheerleader killing off scary vamps. Dealing with themes such as heartache, forbidden love, betrayal, sacrifice, addiction, death, community, prejudice — everything. This show hit everything important in television these days. And the reason it worked so well was because it dealt with real, every day issues, and put a supernatural spin on them to make them both relatable and fantastical at the same time.

This show re-affirmed my desire to be a writer (after Animorphs and Harry Potter, obviously), but this made me want to write a TV show. I still have 35 scripts for one, I’m just saying…it may very well happen one day.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Does that not just creep you out?

I own this show on DVD. Well, I’m not sure if it’s every episode because I definitely bought it from eBay, but I for sure have a lot of episodes. And you know what? Some of them are still creepy.

The only reason the show doesn’t still scare me is the clothing style. Oh, goodness…one thing I don’t miss about the 90s for sure. What were we thinking?

All That/Keenan and Kel/The Amanda Show

WhhHHoooOOO loves orange soda? KkkKKkkeeEeeEEEEllllLLLLL loves orange soda.

To make that easier to read, the popular quote from Kel: “Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda.”

All ThatAnd because of Kel, I do too.

See, I miss the 90s stars from Nickelodeon, not from Disney. Nickelodeon had the best TV shows. I was always down with all that, Penelope Taint on The Amanda Show — the fun shows with the skits that were stupid but funny. A step down from Mad TV and Saturday Night Live (because they were for kids, and they were actually appropriate for kids), but still funny enough to not bore mom and dad. It still makes me sad Amanda Bynes is who she is now, because I remember her with the little side ringlets and the ponytail on “Ask Amanda” — “Thaaaaaaaat’s me!”

Lighthearted. Fun. Funny. Appropriate. These are the things I miss the most about the 90’s.

Any I missed? Even some of the adult stuff?


8 thoughts on “9 Things I Miss About the 90’s

  1. I’m pretty sure Are You Afraid of the Dark took place mostly in Canada. Go back and watch a few of them and listen to how they talk.

    Some friends and I used to watch like three or four episodes once or twice a week when I was in college. “It’s Sar-DOH! No “mister,” accent on the “DOH.”

    Do you remember AAAHH! Real Monsters? Loved that show. Also, Animaniacs and Batman: The Animated Series.

    I miss the 90s, hardcore. Thanks for the feels.

  2. I still have nightmares about that Are You Afraid of the Dark where all the electronics came to life. Except now it’s worse, cause there are SO many more electronics than there were in the 90s.


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