Never Gonna Break Me

Throw your words, throw your fists
But you’ll never conquer this.
Run your mouth, play your games
But I’ll put you all to shame.
Wear the face that you mean,
Not the fake one that we see.
You’re too weak to admit
That I can see through all of it, no.

Children laugh, children play
Sound familiar to your ways?
Make me laugh with your hate
Cuz you know I can relate.
What, you think that I’ll back down
Or you’ll push me to the ground?
Well, you’re wrong if you believe
You will ever defeat me.

Sticks and stones won’t break my bones,
Words are nothing more than letters.
Your true colors, they have shown
And I think it’s for the better.
Build me up, tear me down
I’m a fortress and I can’t be
Flattened, you’re a clown
And you’re never gonna break me now.

My thick skin is strengthening and
The world has turned against me.
My whole goal to fit in
Blew up and came to get me.
Insults, insecurities
Can never try to define me.
Kick me hard when I’m weak,
But you’ll never master me.

You’re wrong if you think
I’m still crying about you.
You’re wrong, I’ve moved on
And it’s time you should, too.
I was right when I said
That you’d never forget.
But you’re wrong, I’m done
And I’m sick of all this.


So if you follow me at all, you’ll know I recorded a song (Draw Me Inside) at Skies Fall Studios (they’re legit. For real). I’m going back to now do two more, this one and Frozen Inside. Just finished up these lyrics, wanted to post them and see how they were received. Thanks y’all!


4 thoughts on “Never Gonna Break Me

  1. So based on this and your Draw Me Inside post, your birthday was a couple days ago.

    So happy birthday, buddy!

    The recorded song kicks balls and so does this new one you posted. If DMI were on iTunes I’d drop 99 cents on that in a heartbeat.

    • Yes it was! And all the birthday craze was why there was no restaurant post this week haha. But thank you for the kind words. I wish I could put draw me inside on itunes, but since it’s a collaboration of a few famous artists and I was just the writer I can’t:( sucks though haha. I can email it to you though! Haha

      • That’d actually be pretty awesome if you could the next time you think about it, but only of you really wanna. And no worries on the lack of a restaurant posting, sir, so long as you had yourself a kick-ass birthday.

      • Yeah I can send it to you! PS I just got hacked so hopefully you don’t get a spam e-mail. Ugh. But no, not to start a whine fest on my blog, but it was actually the worst night of my life. Haha. It spawned this song, so if you can feel the emotion behind it…Haha.


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