Skillet: Rise — The Singles

I was going to wait for the album to do a full review. But then the title track of this CD dropped and I feel like the entire world needs to hear its glory. Also, whenever I search for Skillet information, and put the time slot into the last 24 hours, I think it’s pretty boss when my blog shows up within the first two pages. Being their biggest fan and all (fight me on it if you will), it brings me joy.

So, the thing about this CD I think I’m most excited about is the fact it’s a concept album. Which means it’s a story from start to finish. And those jerks like to toy with us and make life difficult and only release pieces of the story at a time. -_- Now, we have tracks 1,2, and 6 — the halfway point. The story is slowly, but surely, coming together. And on June 25…the world will never be the same. Not to mention the artwork…is insane.

Skillet Rise

Skillet Sick of It

Skillet American Noise

Now, I’m not going to do a crazy review like I do with all my other CD reviews, because I want to save that for when the full album drops and I can slyly press repeat and waste (or enjoy, depending on your opinion) endless…endless…endless hours playing this over and over. For now, I have made a playlist of the three songs we know (three and a half — technically there’s a 2 minute live video of one of the songs) and try to piece the story together for myself.

In the meantime, press play, enjoy, lather, rinse, and repeat.

Rise — The New Title Track That Made Me Lose My SH*T

Sick of It — My Song To My Job

Circus For a Psycho — The Live Version That Makes Me Yearn For More

American Noise — The Cute Power Ballad

Hopefully you enjoy. If not — well, I think you’re crazy, but to each his own. And if you enjoyed — God bless your ears. They’ll probably hurt as much as mine. (From listening too loud and too often, don’t get crazy.)
If you’re interested as well, you can preorder it here:
Skillet Rise Album Art

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