Frozen Inside

Congratulations, you’ve drowned
In the woes of your self-pity.
Consistently, you broke me down
Defining infidelity.
Promises and twisted words
Float behind me in a blur,
Judging me and saying I’m
At fault for your contorted lies.

Your cold heart, it broke me down
I hope that leaves you happy now.
Say one thing but mean another

As you kill another lover.
Love is blind, it’s plain to see
That you got the best of me.
You’ve won this fight, but you’ll die alone
Because you’ll end up
Frozen inside.

That bottle drains your life away,
Making you numb to the pain.
But those who walk all over you
Will never give away the truth.
Rollercoasters aren’t meant
For heart’s forsaken, lost descent.
You kill me with the games you play
And I will never be okay.

You’ll manifest the fears you make,
Then you’ll be the one to break.

I hope one day you realize
That you’re drowning in your lies.


If you’ve ever checked out my Music page, you’ll know I recorded a song a few years back at Skies Fall Productions. I’ve agreed to do another one (and so have they, obviously), and these are the lyrics I’ve come up with. Any feedback would be awesome 🙂


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