Time is a perception of your own reality. Ever existent, never changing, uniquely experienced by all. While to one a day, hour, or week may take forever, another may blink and it’s already gone. Does this change time itself, or merely one’s acknowledgment of it?

Just a thought I had this morning I wanted to share. 😉

5 thoughts on “Time

  1. Thinking about time makes my head hurt. 🙂 I’ve noticed when you do something you dislike, time slows down in the short term. The clock moves slowly, but when you look back, it all mashes into one unmemorable moment. Then when you’re doing something you enjoy, the time flies by. Which is unfortunate, but then you look back and it seems like you have experience so much.

    • I completely agree. When I think of 2012, for instance, I see a blur — but if I stop to actually think about it it seemed like four years. It’s just an odd thought to me that the perception of all of that varies on an individual basis, but the actual thing of time never changes. Does that make sense? It makes my head hurt too, that’s why it bogles it so much haha.

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