I’ve finally caught up with my Goodreads profile. (, feel free to add me if you’d like.)

I spent four hours this morning (I know, it’s pathetic, but hey I got sidetracked) going through my bookshelf. It took me that long to get to 100 books that I had completed. I went through my kindle, my bookshelves, my memory banks, every desperate attempt. As an author, how is it difficult for me to come up with 100 books? I’m supposed to be finishing books every other day, am I not?!

I’ve added 81 to my “To Read” least and I’m in the middle of 16, but I was wondering what people may recommend? What do you like to read?

Various recommendations on particular genres that I’m looking for:

Humor (Chelsea Handler and Tucker Max are only going to get me so far.)

Fantasy (As much as I love me some Lord of the Rings and Narnia, I need to branch into more modern day. However, since there are so many, I have a hard time choosing. Especially with epic fantasies.)

Horror (Scare me. Please. I have never been scared by a book before.)

Any other book that you find interesting, inspirational, or is just one that you read over and over would be cool, too. I’m eager to see what people out there are reading, and maybe even swap a couple of book reviews!


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