2 Broke Girls and the Broken Hip

If you haven’t seen CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, get out from underneath a rock. A lot of people didn’t think the first season was very funny (because apparently no one in this day and age has a sense of humor), but season two has made me alm0st urinate myself on multiple occasions.

This week’s episode, entitled “And The Broken Hip” (because episode titles read 2 Broke Girls And The…) was outrageous. First of all, it isn’t fair how funny Kat Dennings is. I want her to be in everything I watch because she is so funny in everything I’ve ever seen her in. I’m giving her an award. I don’t care if I’m part of the Emmys or the Oscars or the Golden Globes or anything, I’m giving her an award. I hope she sees this at some point in her life. I had a roommate who was exactly like her character from this show, Max Black, which could be another reason I love her so much. She lived in my living room just like Caroline, and we were working together in a restaurant…we were 2 Broke (People) for a second…because I’m a dude, so we couldn’t be 2 Broke Girls.


In this episode, a puppet master was playing a show outside of Max and Caroline’s cupcake shop and scaring their customers away. They confronted him about it, he refused to leave, and when he came into the store to tell them off he slipped on David Hasselhoff (because Max is hilarious and they named their cupcakes after 90s celebrities.) He went to sue them, claiming he had a broken arm and a broken hip, so they went to his house to settle the score. When they discovered he was suing them over his puppet, they decided to pay him $1000 to get him off their case because their business didn’t have insurance. When he decided he wanted $500 more, Max stole one of his puppets so they could win the battle against him, and the following, most beautifully hilarious scene I’ve ever seen in my life occurred:

My roommate (not the one who’s exactly like Max, unfortunately we don’t live together anymore but I still love her) had to ask me if I was all right after this episode because I was laughing so hard I fell over. Woops.

Kat Dennings, you’re the best.

2 Broke Girls, I’m so glad I have you in my life.

If you haven’t been convinced yet, there’s no hope left for you.


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