You Have No Right


You have no right
To be mad at me for being different,
When the walls of segregation are
Crumbling down from the past,
The screams of souls long forgotten still
Haunting America’s dreams as you try
To put down those who you deem
“Not worthy.”

You have no right
To come at me with a fire behind your eyes,
Claiming I’m the one who has a problem, when
I keep my mouth shut, biting my tongue from
What I really want to say; for it was not
Long ago when it was my kind who
Revolted against you, deeming you
“Not worthy.”

You have no right
To talk about me in a fashion that
I can’t understand, mocking and sneering
Behind my back like I’m stupid
And don’t know what you’re trying to say
When the malice behind it is written
All over your face and hidden
Behind your accented voice.

You have no right
To even tell me I’m different, when we are all
We all make mistakes
We all breathe the same oxygen.
Flesh might be different in color, but
Blood is the same through every body.
The same red color, the same copper taste,
The same link that pulls us all together.

You have no right
To try to make me feel inferior, because
“My kind” is the kind overcoming battles,
Winning feats we never thought plausible, when we
Could try to live without fear. And by God
You have no right to try to bring that fear
Out of me. You have no right to make me feel vulnerable,
For I will never lower myself to fit your standards.

You have no right
To pull any sort of double standard
On me, to tell me that what you do is right but
What I say is wrong and violent. I’m only
Violent when provoked, much like
A coiled snake who tries to mind its own business
When a snot-nosed kid pokes it with a stick
Out of curiosity, waiting to see when it will hit its
Boiling point.

You have no right
To attack me in any form, when we all live
In a country that is supposed to be “united”,
And when we turn our backs against each other
The blood toll rises from little to great, and
The rain begins to fall harder as the angels from the
Heavens cry at mankind’s hatred.

And you have no right
To tell me I have no reason to be upset,
That everything you say is a joke, not meant
To hurt anybody, when you know I can turn
Your words against you and ruin your life
Do me a favor and
Keep your rights to yourself.
Never impose them on me.
And most of all, do me a favor and
Keep your mouth shut.




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