Omnipresent Forces

I’ve finished it! The weekly blog (here known as “The Adventures of Jensen Carpenter”, but when I finish it up for real for real I’m changing it to the “Omnipresent Forces” you see in this title.)

For those of you who do not know what this is or what it’s about or whatever, here’s the summary:

The Story

This is a fictional diary of a character named Jensen Carpenter. The President announces global destruction, immediately followed by an alien attack known as “the raids”. Three different types of spaceships appear, one abducting the humans, one destroying the land mass, and one returning the humans as a modern-day definition of a zombie. Although unsure how the abductions turn the humans into zombies, it is highly rumored that a virus containing unknown substances is injected into the bloodstream to allow the transformation. This is the Apocalypse as seen through Jensen’s eyes.

The Character

Jensen Carpenter has no gender. No age. No race. An odd choice, to be sure, but as an author I do believe people’s imaginations are being scrunched into the visionary epidemic that is someone else’s brain. I decided to nix the usual “show don’t tell” aspect of writing a story and went along with the “less is more” idea to allow the reader to imagine Jensen as they choose to. While most people automatically assume Jensen is a man, I do write with a gender in mind. Every other (ish) post is changed in gender in my head, but no defined gender is set.

The name came from a few things. For the first name, I wanted a gender neutral name based on characters and people I admired. I was looking up the release date for Supernatural Season 7 on Blu Ray (don’t judge me) and I came across Jensen Ackles’ name. Having been a huge fan since the show released in 2005, I also remembered there was a character in a book series I liked known as The Sword of Truth bearing the name Jennsen, and was a female. While the spellings were different, I decided the name was gender neutral enough and came from people and characters I truly enjoyed, so I picked it. For the last name, I was watching an episode of Angel while I was writing the first entry (again, don’t judge me) and the wonderful Charisma Carpenter came onto the screen. She has always been one of my favorites, and when I decided to try her last name with Jensen, I felt it rang. (Then I decided to give a small, small shout out to an old book series called Animorphs that barely anyone read, but that was how the tagline of “My name is Jensen Carpenter, and this is my account of the Apocalypse” kind of came into play.)

I haven’t had that much actual feedback, even though I have a fair few followers on that blog…now that it’s done, it would be cool and much appreciated if people could comment on some of it, maybe let me know some things I could do to improve the story since I’m now about to hit the editing room and try to make it the best I possibly can! If you do do that, in the meantime I hope you enjoy it. If not, at least thank you for reading this post. =)





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