Melted Stories

This is probably going to be one of the most nerdy posts I’ve ever done, or will do. I’d like to start with a confession — I really love candles. The nerdy part is why. I love candles, torches, lanterns, all that jazz, because that’s what used to be used as a light source back in the days where people lived in castles and such. And since I write fantasy novels (which I know I haven’t really posted about), the two things that get me the most excited are candles/torches and parchment and quill. I think I’ve talked about the parchment and quill before. Go on, judge me, I have my interests I care not.

I went to go light my candles last night (they’re so perfect for setting the mood at this time of year. I know I’ve talked about my irritation towards people here and here, but Christmas is my favorite holiday.) When I lit the bigger one, I noticed the wax had melted in a really beautiful way. So, sitting alone in my apartment and geeking out over stupid stuff, I whipped out my camera (because I learned how to use the macro close-up feature) and started taking pictures. I kid you not, I think the wax was trying to tell me a story….

I know it was a lot of pictures over one candle, and I know my captions give away the nerdy, fantasy writer within me, but I gotta find inspiration from somewhere, right?





2 thoughts on “Melted Stories

  1. “Go on, judge me, I have my interests I care not.” LOL. I’ll try not to 😉

    You are right about candles and Christmas going together. Every night, I drive through a small town to get home from work. Last night they lined the main street with white candles. Imagine a mile with white candles as far as the eye can see. Totally amazing. I immediately started thinking about how long it would take to light that many candles. See? I am the true geek here 😉 Next time, I’ll just enjoy the flickering flame. Thanks for sharing your love of candles.


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