Transit of Venis

I was a little late on the “Transit of Venus” CD from Three Days Grace. I’ve been trying to follow them via Wikipedia (I know, I know, terrible source, but it’s really convenient!) and their website. I’ve been looking for new material from them, because I was an extremely huge fan of “One X” (it’s listed in my top ten favorite albums of all time on my computer.) While I wasn’t the biggest fan of “Life Starts Now” as a whole, it still produced certain songs that I still sing along to and kept my interest in Three Days Grace going.

So, with all of that being said, I randomly came across “Transit to Venus” almost two months after its initial release date. I about flipped a lid when I saw it on iTunes, because I guess I stopped looking for their new CD literally one week before they announced it. (I may have gone back and checked. Don’t judge me.)

I….love this CD.

I was reading a few mixed reviews about this on iTunes when I bought it, and I’m trying to see it from a couple different points of view. It’s not necessarily a new “sound” for Three Days Grace, so I’m not sure exactly what everyone was freaking out about that for. It reminded me of mid to late 90s grunge, with a twist of modern-day rock. I think it wasn’t necessarily a “safe” sound for them to do, but I think it worked really well for them. Especially with Adam Gontier’s voice. I really feel like he showed some of his talent on this CD.

I saw a review on iTunes that I really agreed with, and I’ll touch that really quick until I move into my actual own review. (This one won’t be as lengthy as my O God, Save Us All review, I promise.) This review simply said: “If you’re a true Three Days Grace fan, you’ll love it.”

I agree. This CD did exactly what I expect Three Days Grace to do: bring me a CD filled with catchy melodies, the best break-up lyrics that are empowering, depressing, and spot on, and actual music that I can sing along to. Because Lord knows I love singing along.

“Chalk Outline” was their best song on the CD, to be sure, but it’s not the only one on there that’s good. I never thought a Three Days Grace song could ever replace “Animal I Have Become” for me, but I now stand corrected.

I really, really dig the deep monotone backing vocals they throw in on this song and a couple other ones, including “Expectations” and “Broken Glass” (which is also a good anthem.) I think when you have the music on really loud in your headphones, you can almost feel the bass of his voice too. And I like it.

“The High Road” I think is the best break-up/love song on the CD. “I’ll do whatever it takes to be the mistake you can’t live without”? Come on, that’s gold.

“Unbreakable Heart” is a really well-done Three Days Grace song, perfecting the idea they had with “One X” on “One X”. It’s a nice way to end the CD, and it’s a really beautiful song. Probably one of the “new sounds” songs from the CD, but I don’t understand why people gotta hate. Because I think the whole thing moves beautifully.

“Give in to Me” is my favorite kind of rock song. I like to call it a “rock ballad.” A “rock ballad”, in my definition, is a rock song that sounds like it should be fast and upbeat (namely regarding some nice guitar action), but is sung like a power ballad. And sometimes it leads up to a rocking end, kind of like this one. I think this is one of the songs that supports Adam’s talent the most. Because he has a lot of talent. He’s Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace, everyone knows that voice!

I could continue to write about how amazing this CD is, but I’m afraid I might lose your interest…Kind of like I did in said Disciple review. So, therefore, I give this CD a 4.5/5, and I definitely think everyone should check it out. Listen to the whole CD from start to finish, at least twice if you don’t feel it on the first time. I doubt you’ll be displeased.



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