What is an artist?

What is an artist? That question has been quite prominent in my mind for some time. When I hear the word “artist”, I automatically think of just that — an artist. Someone who draws. Paints. Sculpts. The actual form of “art”. But what is the true meaning of an “artist”?

To me, I think the category of an “artist” should be recognized as a “creator.” That’s where the true art lies. When someone feels passionately about something and they bring it to life, create either a world, an image, a performance, a song, a thought that makes people interested. Artists are weird. They’re not normal people. They live in their own world. They think differently than everyone else. Writers and actors become the characters they write about and portray in order to convey the realness behind them. Photographers see everything as a photoshoot opportunity. Models walk around constantly trying to look sexy (and you judge them until their photos come out, then you envy them and wish you could be like them.) Musicians sing about anything and everything, whether its a good tune or a bad tune because that’s what their soul feels the most passionate about. Drawers and painters see the world through a different lens and have their own unique ways of capturing what “normal” people don’t understand. Artists are outcasts. I think their creative process scares people who don’t understand it.

Since this is the first post on the site, I shall divulge some more about what it’s about. This blog is about me, Andrew Stillman, finding out what it means to be an artist. The grand majority of posts under the “Thoughts and Ponders” category are my opinions, and my opinions alone unless otherwise stated. Feel free to disagree with them, but please don’t attack them. You’re entitled to yours as much as I’m entitled to mine. I’ve been writing my entire life. As far as I can remember. I just found the floppy disks I used to save my stuff on. (Too bad I can’t view them on my new high tech computer, but you win some and you lose some I’ll figure out a way one day.) I have a professional photographer in my family, and quite a lot of people interested in that field as well. I’ve always wanted to learn photoshop and web design.

Well, because of a random follower I got on my other blog, The Adventures of Jensen Carpenter, I was able to find the most random tutorial site in the world (to me, anyway) called Lynda. Since this discovery, I am able to start learning all of the things I’ve wanted to learn since I was a kid and hopefully begin to apply them. I’ve already been learning some Photoshop and Lightroom effects (pictures to come soon), how to perfect my blog space (a work in progress, but I have more lessons to come), and learn how to market myself through social media, build effective resumes, job hunt…a lot of really good information that has me more excited than I’ve been since the last Lord of the Rings movie. So this blog, in essence, is going to be my trial run. My practice and application of all the things I’m learning. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and viewing it as much as I’m sure I’ll enjoy writing it.


One thought on “What is an artist?

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